Mr.P on Zoomin TV || Featuring Alex and Alexa

When life gives you lemons you make some bomb lemonade, or in our case an AH-mazing video with Zoomin TV.

Zoomin TV approached us several weeks ago with an awesome opportunity to do a behind the scenes look at how we get down for our Instagram and blog photos. While we do try to give an accurate portrayal on the gram, its by no means instant. There’s actually quite a lot of planning from wardrobe to location, but ya’ll already knew that.

Speaking of locations….

We knew that this opportunity would be a cool way to show some of our favorite spots in Atlanta! Ponce City Market is such an awesome location for coffee, shopping and just chilling. We met our videographer at Rudy’s Barber shop to get P a fresh cut for our photoshoot.  I can tell you that it was so much fun snapping photos and P scooting around Atlanta in his uber cool outfit from Alex and Alexa.

For P’s first look he rocked the beyond  gorgeous Moschino branded button up top and black jeans. We paired the outfit gold skull loafers from cult kids brand Akid .

Mr. P’s hat game is seriously next level, and has most grown folks trying to be down.

Fallen Broken Street’s hats has been our go-to for a few years now and the quality is exceptional. Oh and yes they have them in adult sizes too!

His fur collared Carbon Soilder coat was giving me all the Luka Sabbat vibes (our current favorite teen model mogul it boy). We often get asked if P loves fashion and the answer is YES! If I was to be completely honest, ice cream would be first, but he has always enjoyed expressing himself through his style. I am all for it as his modeling has made him more outgoing and confident.

Our experience shooting with Zoomin TV was top notch,  we certainly look forward to future video projects!

Until next time lovelies!

Have a fab week,

Much love from the A




This Mini -Me Transformer top is EVERYTHING!

Coolest Sunnies @zoobuglondon

Without further delay:

From video games to photo shoots: Prince, the Insta kid

From video games and ice cream to a fashion blogger star – this 9-year old is living the dream 😍👍

Posted by Zoomin.TV on Monday, November 20, 2017

Street Style Vibes || Featuring Loud Apparel



Happy Friday dear friends,

Hope you had a powerful week and have something amazing planned for the weekend. We are in full back to (home) school mode, and certainly welcome a chill’d laid back vibe for the weekend. Even when we are taking it easy we don’t skimp on style.  Our latest fashion crush for fresh street style is Uber cool brand Loud Apparel. If you are a fan of bold prints with a heavy dose of minimalistic Italian design then look no further.

This Uk brand distinguishes itself by  producing quality garments with exquisite craftsmanship and amazing attention to detail.

We are forever fans of this line and this season’s collection does not disappoint. For this dope street style look we chose the king hoodie and the scuffle cap which can be paired with many items in P’s fall wardrobe! Beyond being cool Loud Apparel will appeal to parents that demand quality garments that can be passed from sibling to sibling. Most items are totally unisex which I just love!

P of course loved that the hoodie was comfy to wear. Really thats what’s most important for me….. quality+comfort. This outfit was a real head turner, and many gown ups were showing him so much love!  I can’t help but smile as he has a style that is all his own, and it matches his fun personality…. ya know what I mean?

We paired the hoodie and cap with our gorgeous vegan pants from the beloved Aussie brand Eve jnr ( currently in heavy rotation) , and his favorite candy apple red D&G sneakers.

I can see these pieces being put to good use, the hoodie for instance layered under a denim or statement leather jacket…. you know how we get down eh? We are all ready for the cooler temps to come! Bring on fall!

Sending lots of love and light to the world, especially all those devastated by the recent hurricanes.






Ultimate Street Style look

The Fresh Prince Wears:

Cap/Hoodie Loud Apparel

Pants Eve.JNR

Sneakers D&G

Boston Vibes | Bang Bang CPH

Happy Tuesday Friends!

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve updated our space! We have been having a crazy busy summer. Summer camp for one, and trying to keep up with all of Mr.P’s activities is no small feat. To be honest though sometimes I miss the simplicity of actually just enjoying and “experiencing life” without worrying about taking photos for a blog or the gram. At a cafe in Boston this weekend I witnessed two young woman get their respective plates of fancy salad on toasted bread, whip out their phones and take a food shot before eating. Nothing at all wrong with that – but i remember a time when all that was required before eating was saying grace.

P and I try to visit Boston every summer as its close to the camp where we stay, and it makes a great day trip. Its really a fantastic city because  it’s very walkable, has great places to eat (majorly important), and kid friendly. To be honest we just love strolling through Newbury street and sampling yummy treats along the way. And by treats I mean pizza, cupcakes and ice-cream. I think those are all food groups right?

This weekend was the perfect day to also try our new top from the funky Danish brand Band Bang CPH. The woody tee is one of our favorites from this fun designer and this years color-way is just perfection! The fabric is super soft and has a nice stretch to it, the faux suspenders and adorable bow tie make it fun and not too fussy! Mr.P got so many compliments on his outfit! This piece will certainly be in heavy rotation come fall!

Boston is indeed a cool town to visit, Its so vibrant but with a chill laid back vibe. There is something for everybody!

Hope everyone is enjoying the last days of Summer, or maybe your getting ready for the summer season on the other side of the world.

We have a few more weeks of fun before back to school!

Be well,

Much love




Strolling down Newbury Street




Amorino Gelato is a Must every trip!

So much attitude so little time

Cool Sunnies from Zoobug London

Just call him Captain Cupcake


Top, Bang Bang Copenhagen  

Hat, Fallen Broken Street Kids

Sunnies, Zoobug London

Summer Vibes | Circa 81 KIDS

Happy Monday!

Summertime is all the way here in Atlanta! Mister P has been enjoying the warm weather, playing outside with friends and endless ice pops and fruity drinks. As a parent the challenge of course is to keep the littles occupied and to try to keep them from saying that dreaded phrase “MOM I’M BORED”

We adore Atlanta and very soon I will do a post featuring all the fun things to do with the kidlets during the summer break. For now we are loving taking it slow and easy, reconnecting and of course doing it in style with new gear from Circa 81 Kids!

P and I chose this gorgeous outfit from Jean Bourget, which is super comfy and perfect for all of his summer adventures. The palm print shorts have a wonderful feel to them, very light and airy, which I love! We paired with the matching tee and of this cool cap from Stella Kids and sunnies from Sons+Daughters. 

I love fashion. There I said it and I am not ashamed. My mom was a fashion lover model /actress in the 70’s. We had Harpers Bazar, Vogue and Essence mags on the coffee table. Its in my blood, and while I realize that its not a life or death thing, Its importance in culture is undeniable. What P wears is not the most important of course. Raising a healthy ( in mind and body) young man is forever my number one goal. However by showing him the best, in what I can gives him a baseline standard. You cannot deny that when you look your best you not only feel better but you do better. Ok….. maybe not always, but its worth a shot right?

Circa 81 Kids carries an awesome selection of cool designer and luxury clothing and accessories for your babes! So loving having another dope shop to get P kitted out for summer. With brands like Someday Soon, Jean Bourget, and 3 Pommes you are sure to score the perfect look for your mini fashionistas.

*Shop at Circa 81 Kids with code PRINCE15 for 15% off your purchase!

Have a wonderful week friends and thank you all for popping by!

Much love





Just a quick call in the office! Mini CEO in the making



His scooter comes everywhere!

I mean all the HEART EYES for my babe!

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Organic Fashion | Little Man Happy


Little Man Happy | Organic Kids Fashion

There are a few brands that stand out from the rest. You know what I mean, when quality, style and comfort come together so effortlessly in one package. I feel head over heels in love with LMH ever since their very first collection in 2015. I thought the garments had a wonderful unfussy charm about them, which matched Mr.P’s style to perfection. Its been a few seasons since we were first introduced and I have grown even more fond of the brand.

The theme this season is an ode to rock star’s most inspired artist of the electric pop and grunge era. LMH paid homage to the likes of POP and grunge icons such as David Bowie and Kirk Cobain. I love the relaxed style of the boys garments, fun pieces to mix and match for endless outfit possibilities.

Cozy pieces with cool and funky designs that are easy to wear and allow for freedom of movement. P is so in love with his newest LMH fit!

We decided to choose this  cool graphic longline tee and wide striped harem style shorts for our adventure.  These pieces are perfect for the warm summer months ahead! The best part is that Little Man Happy is committed to offering GOTS garments, which means higher standards in the textiles and raw materials used to produce the garments, all the way up to the manufacturing process.  Another added bonus is that the pieces have a lovely quality and feel to them. They can definitely be passed down from bothers and sisters, as most pieces are totally unisex.

They are really a brand that I look forward to every season!

LMH is currently having a Mid Season Sale! Save 30% Stop by and grab some goodies!

I hope you are enjoying the warmer weather, or getting ready for winter layers on the other side of the globe.

Lots of love always,



What P wears:

Tee and Shorts | LMH

Cap | Karl Lagerfeld 

Ferris Frames | Sons+Daughters



So much swag so little time










Summer Style | Mum of Six


Hello Friends,

I cannot believe its already June! Its seems like we have just toasted in the new year and now its time for Summertime adventures and Summer style.

Its been a while since our last post and so much has been going on in our lives.  We have been adjusting wonderfully to our new home in GA. I really love being so close to downtown ATL and P loves all of the nature! Best of both worlds! If you follow us on the gram you know that we love us some fashion and there are lots of fab brands that offer beautifully made garments.

We recently discovered the lovely Russian brand Mum of six and I instantly fell in love with the cozy basics with fun and colorful prints. This cool short set screams summer fun and adventure. Just love the cool pops of color and the clever little pockets, perfect for storing small treasures while out adventuring.  We as always finish his look with an amazing hat, this hat is a fave from dope Aussie millinary Fallen broken Street.

Summer style is all about pieces that are cool and not too fussy, and allow freedom of movement so your kiddos can be wild and free! Thats what summertime is all about right?

We are so excited for the new season and embracing a slower pace, road trips visiting friends and many ice-cream runs!

What is everybody up to for summer?

Til’ next time peeps,

much love, K+P


P wears :

Tank and Shorts | Mum of Six

Cap | Fallen Broken Street

Kicks | Golden Goose Deluxe

* Shop Mum of Six at CoccoleBimbi

* Use Code PRINCE15 at the wonderful children’s shop Coccole bimbi for %15 off your Cart!











Mr. Strong! Love this kid

Superwoman Syndrome / Raising a gentleman II


When its so good you want to shout out about it to all your peeps. What could I mean? Well first of all lets shout out about LIFE, and mommy-hood, because there’s nothing like it. Before Mr. P came along I was a very busy bee doing all sorts of things, going to college, culinary school, working around the clock. Lots of running around really. Running without a clear vision or destination.

The universe has a way of settling you and making you focus. I have never been so outcome oriented before becoming a mother. I mean that in a whole sort of way. Like not just in how P develops but how our journey as mother and son progresses, how I change and grow as a woman.

These days I  have more respect for myself and my strength. I generally dislike the whole being a superwoman idea as a general rule. Its like a box you have to stay in, once you say you are mighty and strong you can’t be seen being weak and vulnerable. I am a multifaceted being, who needs to express every aspect of myself. The belief that “Superwoman” can mean what you need it to. The term does not have to hold you to any expectation from the outside. I suppose the hope is that we all are working toward this idea of being truly one with self, but its very hard to detach from the whole and think with your brain, like without any outside influences or voices creeping in. Indeed a work in progress!

We think big and dream big around here!

I am everything and absolutely nothing.

One thing for sure |  Superwoman does need to show up and handle some business from time to time,  but that’s ok!


How do you envision your role as mommy/caretaker? Is it what you imagined, how has it changed you?


Have a fab weekend Friends,





A few of our favorite things :

  1. Nico Nico has won my heart this season with this easy no frills button up. Fuss free and perfect for the upcoming  South East weather ( I mean Hot-lanta baby)!
  2. Textured joggers with a asymmetrical button closure, cozy and all the way fly
  3. The Japanese school bag inspired carry all. Wth eye patches. Nuff Said
  4. P’s wardrobe staple would have to be a hat, this one is hemp and is a favorite
  5. White trainers



Strength, Courage and Wisdom ( Words to grow by)











He is Super P!


What Do you believe about yourself?

The Prince and the Bag || Good Ordering Mini


Just another day in the life of Mr.P, strolling through the streets of Atlanta. New Season  means a change of scenery for Mr.P and I and a new carry all . We were so lucky to get our hands on this rad bag from Good Ordering bag company last week, and its been already put to good use. As I mentioned in a previous post P is home schooled so he does not carry school books per-se, but he loves to have a bag in tow to stuff with whatever current lego obsession he’s into atm,  a book if he gets bored on the train and snacks. I have, as any good mother would carried all of that stuff in my purse rendering it obscenely heavy and not to mention littered with cookie crumbs and stray bits of candy wrappers. I am all too happy to let him help out, and carry his own gear.

Good Ordering has a full range of stylish and functional bags for both parents and kiddos alike. The company was born out of East London in 2012, with the aim to offer cool retro bags to the booming biking community.  The brands line captures a sense of nostalgia by offering designs inspired by Japanese style bags of the 70’s and 80’s. All of the bags have several compartments that keep all your essentials safe and easy to get to, which is so important!

We went for the very playful and practical shoulder bag, which I must say suits Mr.P so well. He looked so cool with it on, and the bonus for him was being able to attach his awesome new key rings from his blind gift box from Egg Drop. The eye patches are the cherry on the bag. They add just the right amount of cool factor to an already dope bag. The range comes in some sweet colors, from bight to the slightly more subdue. The grey I thought was the right balance for the stylish white trim, and would compliment P’s wardrobe perfectly.  What’s your favorite bag for the Spring Season?

Hope you are all well and recovered from the masses of chocolate eggs and jelly beans over the Easter Holiday.


See you around,




All in the details , SOOOO in LOVE!


Accessory Game always on point Mr.P!






All Kitted Out for a Ride in the ATL








This bag is the perfect companion for any outing….. I think I may have to borrow his! Sharing is caring no?


Shoulder Bag || Good Ordering Bag Company 

Scooter || Mini KICKBOARD

Top || The Animals Observatory

Bottoms|| NUNUNU World

Kicks || Golden Goose

Kenzo Love | Children Salon


When we were introduced to the Kenzo line of yumminess by Children  salon a few months back I instantly fell in love. The popular French brand makes covetable clothing for uber stylish adults and their mini’s.

If you have been following us for a mili second you know how P  loves to dress in quirky cool pieces, of course topped with a dope hat! I wanted every piece of this collection. Their bold prints are a standout this season as well as the iconic KENZO logo sweatshirts. What I adore the most is how soft the fabrics are on the button up and sweatshirt. The quality is top notch, and these pieces will be in heavy rotation this SS17 season.

I am totally swooning over the selection available over at Children Salon London. As a mama my priorities for children’s fashion are as follows : 1. Be comfortable , 2. Easy to care for (not really interested in a dry cleaning bill for my littles wardrobe) 3.  Have an amazing style factor!

We upped the quirk factor by pairing the season’s smart cactus print button up  and Bandit sweatshirt with the most cozy leggings. To finish the outfit he slipped on his GGDB sneakers and  denim cap we were out the door!

Do you guys love Kenzo as much as we do? What are your key brands for SS17?


Have an amazing weekend peeps!









Not lying when I say I want these leggings and Sneakers in my size.






Gorgeous Denim Cap to add style and protection from the sun.


Shop the look

Kenzo cap, Button up, Jumper | Children Salon

Green Fly Print Leggings | Vimma Company

Golden Goose Sneakers | Orange Mayo





The Prince & the beach | Dirt and Noise



I may have mentioned on the gram sometime ago that I was bi-coastal at one point in my life and had spent a few years living in a few different parts of California.  I really wanted the Prince to be able to connect with family and to see another part of the country so I decided to come to LA. It has been so wonderful to be in the sunshine and enjoy this special time with loved ones!

Spring time is here, which for many means getting out and doing more fun activities with your littles. We are enjoying our stay here in Cali, and we have finally made it to the BEACH!

I really wanted to take P to Venice beach as I have many memories visiting that beach as a teen. We headed to Santa Monica Pier instead, and I think I made a fab choice!

The weather was a bit chilly and the sky was overcast but we didn’t mind a bit. The crisp salty sea air was perfect, and the ocean was very calming to my spirit. For our beach adventure Mr.P wore some retro-Cali inspired pieces from the lovely children’s shop Dirt and Noise. They stock the coolest brands to keep your babes so fresh and so clean (Cue Andre 3000 tune).   I am always talking about kids fashion being mostly about function, but your babes have to look good too right?

What outfits do you like to dress your babes in for spring?

Until Next time

Keira+ The Prince




 The Prince rocking this coveted tee from French Label  Bandy Button




Is Beach Swag a thing?





I am so loving this combo. A perfect springtime sporty look!



A Leather Jacket as a Beach cover up….. Why not?


Cool pint size slides for the WIN!


Shop the look

Tee, Shorts | Dirt and Noise

Leather Jacket | Pop Factory Shop

Hat | Childrens Salon

Slides | Coccolebimbi