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To Camo or Not to Camo?


Trends in children’s wear can first seen during fashion week on the catwalks of London, Paris, New York, and  Milan. The Camo print trend has made yet another appearance this season on the fashion runways. From the classic bomber silhouette to the ever versatile blazer that Prince P is rocking currently. It took me sometime to warm up to this trend as I have actually served in the military, and didn’t want to adopt certain military inspired looks into my now civilian lifestyle.

Since I’ve been out of the military,  I swore I would never wear anything remotely resembling armed service attire. So I haven’t, no flare legged high wasted sailor pants, or combat boots . Not even the very cute short cropped  pea-coats from J crew. I recently however, reconsidered the camo trend for Mr. P’s wardrobe.

Nico Nico has been a favorite brand of mine for sometime. Like most of the brands that I like to dress P in, Nico Nico has made garments that speaks to my sense of style without compromising comfort. Soft well made basics with beautiful eco friendly prints and sturdy cottons made in downtown LA. How cool is that?!

Sue Tsai , founder of the brand sought to create designs that were comfortable, modern and environmentally conscience. Mr. P and I usually go for the cozy short rompers , alternatively, I decided to change it up a bit  and grab this beyond cool button up blazer.

I opted to use this fab jacket as an anchor for his look , and pair it with a statement tank, a pop of red with his Bobo Choses scarf and Sons+Daughters sunnies.

Complete Utilitarian funk! I finally see the appeal…..  You can totally make this trend your own, which is why I think fashion is so much fun.

Let me know how you style the camo trend in the comments below!

Happy Almost Weekend!


Mr.P +Keira




8.- We Will Not Respect Museums That Don’t Tell The Truth. * T.A.O MANIFESTO







Shop The Look :

Camo Print Jacket | Nico*Nico 

Tank | The Animals Observatory

Sunnies |Sons+Daughters Eyewear 

Sneakers | Golden Goose

Denim | I dig Denim

Scarf | Bobo Choses (past season)


Minimodel Gallery | Bobo Choses + Faux fur


Faux Fur Fun

It’s no surprise that this amazing Bobo Choses faux fur has found a new home. Rightfully so as its the equal parts  quirky and fabulous. I have zero problems with print mixing and using fashion as a way to express the child’s individual personality. I tend to not do the traditional “dress up your little man ” looks on P. Which to me always seem include polo shirts and ties. Well I am not totally opposed to a smart dress shirt and bow tie, but for everyday clothing we like to keep it fun and funky!

I love it when the fashion doesn’t take over the child and allows them to express themselves freely. I know its all very glam and over the top, but we are doing/being what speaks to our soul. My belief is that we are here to express outwardly what we hold deep within!

Believe me when I say that Mr.P has Personality to spare! I often get asked if he likes to dress up and most importantly if he likes taking photos, and the answer to both is YES! We really have lots of fun, and he loves preforming for the camera.

We absolutely love Mini Model Gallery, as it’s just the place to procure all things cool in the children’s fashion world, like this beyond fab faux fur and walking tables top from the AW16′ How to Disappear collection.  They carry all the brands for the cool modern babe and their fashion forward parents.

Minimodel Gallery is kindly offering readers %15 off shop-wide with code : stylingtheprince15


Happy Shopping and Happy Friday!


Mr.P +Keira x



The serious stare is no joke!


Is this a good outfit for the playground, or does he look like he is going to a music awards show?




Do you think I am cute? Yes or No


Shop Mr.P’s outfit

Bobo Choses Faux Fur & Walking table tee | MiniModel Gallery

Printed Cap |  Vimma Company

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Weekend Ready in Mini Rodini SS17


We are having a blast with all of these Amazing SS17 Collections! I have been a huge of Mini Rodini since Mr. P was a wee babe, and I can honestly remember it like it was yesterday. I was always impressed with the brands quirky take on prints. It never seems too cutesy, very fashion forward and always edgy. P is a fan of how soft the pieces are and he really digs all of their prints. I love how its all certified organic and they strive to maintain a minimal footprint by using using recycled materials where they can.



We mixed the basic leo print tee and paired with the seasons key lion print joggers. He added some dope shades to put himself into character and it was on! LOL

Note:  mini Yellow Corvette. A fella can dream no?




I think I could get this Mini Rodini print in every color!


P is channelling some serious Lennie Kravitz  rock star vibes with this cool look. I don’t know about you but I cant help but hum American Woman in my head,( actually I am looking up the video right now)!  Yes I know he’s strumming a Ukulele, and not a bas a$$ electric guitar and we don’t have Heather Graham swingin’ her tresses about, but you get the picture right?



I adore his sweet smile. I mean he’s not totally a serious Rocker!




We got our cool threads from Our friends at amazing shop Green Hearts Pink! They stock the best in high end kids apparel.

For our fabulous readers we are extending a 15% discount on you order with Code: PRINCEGHP

We promise new season Mini Rodini will give your babe some *extra attitude. I mean what parent does’t want that? ( insert sheepish grin)

Hope you are are enjoying the weekend wherever you are in the world.


Much love,



Shop P’s Look

Mini Rodini Leo top, lion pants| Green Hearts Pink

Shades| Milk N Soda

Bobo Choses SS17 :: Weekend Style


A Bobo Choses drop makes my heart so Happy!!! I have been a fan (read border line Obsessed) with this brand since 2010. I remember the very first piece I bought for a then bitty 2 year old Mr.P. This was way before I even knew what the gram was. I fell in love with the quirky designs and cool comfy cuts of the jumpers and trousers.

Fast forward 6 years later, I still get major heart eyes when the new season of Bobo Choses hits. I have to admit, I don’t always love each collection, which I think that is totally fine right heh? Not everything is for everyone. This seasons theme for the iconic brand is called “Legend”, where Bobo Choses pays homage to the sports champions of the 1976 Olympics.

My friend Marie from the lovely shop Baby Go Green curates the best selection of Bobo Choses and many other fantastic brands!

We chose this fantastic mesh sweater which is so fantastic. P loves it and it will be in heavy rotation for the spring and into the summer months. Its totally unisex, which initially I was worried about. I thought it would read as too feminine, but as you can see, P is completely rocking this Bobo top with So much SWAG! We styled this weekend look with our favorite pair of I DIG Denim jeans, which we just cannot let go of. The holes are for REAL (I mean like no joke) , but they add just the right bit of grunge to his outfits!

Just for our special friends Baby Go Green is offering 10% on your order of new season goodness!

Use Code : PRINCE at checkout to redeem

Hope Everyone is Having the Best Weekend!

much love,

K+P xo























Shop P’s Look

Bobo Choses top : Baby Go Green 

I Dig Denim Jeans : HipKin Kids

Sunnies : Milk N Soda

Hat : Fallen Broken Street Kids



Raising Up A Gentleman // Boys to Men // Part I



What is this thing call being a Mother? What does being a mother mean to you? Its not very often that I talk about my journey as a single parent. I intentionally leave it out of my social media feeds, as I assume that most people don’t care to hear about the trials and tribulations that come with the territory of parenting solo. I consequently mostly post about Mr.P’s fresh fashions and  good times, because thats really what we all want to see, amiright?

Truth be told, I do want to share more about what it means to me to be the mom of a little boy.

As Mr.P grows older my recent and most nagging anxieties are if I have the tools and resources to teach him HOW to be a man. I have read all the horrible statistics that say that boys raised without a man in the home are more likely to be incarcerated, and more likely to drop out of school. Sometimes I loose sleep at night and wonder what I was thinking when I said to the universe that I wanted to be a mother.

But then I do a T swift booty dance and shake off that negativity ! What the universe gave me is exactly what I wished for. I healthy baby boy who is growing up into a really awesome young man, a little Prince. He is kind and spunky, and treats others with respect. He is not a perfect child, nor am I a perfect mother, we are really works in progress. We take each day as a new opportunity to do it better than the day before. Our babes are watching us, they are soaking up all that they observe.

My wish for P is that he never sees his mom give up. We always keep it pushing. Here’s to raising up a gentleman, moreover here is to raising gentle-humans!

More on this topic in a future post. More mamas who are raising boys need to be heard. Lastly, what are some concerns you have about bringing up your little men? Even if you have a partner to share the load, I wanna hear from you!

Leave a comment and tell me what you think!

All our love






Mr.P’s Look ::

Top http://www.





CAVALIER // Spring Summer Seventeen



Picture this, you’ve spent the past two months enjoying the holiday festivities, shopping for the perfect gifts, baking all those snowman sugar cookies and just like that BOOM! The tree has gone to the dumpster, all the presents have been unwrapped, the pecan pie is gone and your feeling all kinds of sad.

Whats a sensible person to do in times like these you may ask? Drown your sorrows in leftover mull’d wine? No ma’am! The only really real solution is to start dreaming of the next season of fresh children’s fashion! Fast forward and feast your eyeballs on this amazingness from Cavalier  Spring Summer Seventeen collection.

Part of my joy of being a kiddie fashion blogger is getting to see all the new season’s fabulousness. When I received the green light to share some looks from the fashion forward designer of Cavalier  Angela Chong, I was beyond thrilled.

I am in love with the fab pops of color that infuse the collection for spring. From bright periwinkle, and orange, to lovely blush and turquoise that accent Cavalier’s signature grey slub jersey. The too cool for school Pasche (tongue and lip dress) is updated with candy stained lips and tongue and will for sure be worn by every cool girl or boy this spring.

In every collection there is a multidimensionality to the pieces. Like the clothing becomes part of you, and not the other way around. Playful, free spirited and timeless.

Acid Refluxxx offers easy wearable garments that allow your babes to really tune into themselves. Who/what ever that may be. I always say and I truly believe that letting your child “be” ( to a degree), is the path to true self expression and freedom for the next generation.

I hope you enjoy a sneaky peek of this BEYOND rad collection, and see links below to find Cavalier Vault at these amazing retailers.

Chin up babes Spring will soon come,

love, K+P










Mr. P in Soho NYC// Featuring Nununu


 Without a doubt NYC is the mecca for fashion and style bar none.  Everywhere you turn you are ever being inspired. Whether the architeture, street art, delicious food wafting from the best bakeries and restaurants and of course the FASHION.

I am so lucky to be able to live close to NYC and be able to enjoy some of what this magical city has to offer. Mr.P loves having city adventures which of course include scooter riding through whatever neighborhood we are visiting.

We took this chance to try out one of the coolest brands out there for kids fashion,  architecture

This brand has been out for several years and we have been fans since P was about 4 years old. Their signature style is Urban cool with a rockstar vibe. Nununu has the best details is their garments, like the ever so cool thumb holes for when you get chilly, but don’t want to wear gloves, and the oh so fly distressed look on the harem style joggers, al la Kayne West’s iconic fashion line Yeezy. Really Love it! Secretly what I love about the line is while its for both girls and boys , its really fab for slightly older babes, who are starting to harness their own personal style identity and want to really look “Cool” .

My little Prince is becoming a big kid and while I will still take advantage and sneak in a fuzzy jumper or furry jacket here and there, he is really starting to say things like “mom that is NOT cool” Ha! I really love that Nununu hits all the high points for a Uber cool brand. Quality, comfort and that cool factor that both kids and parents dig!

We finished off the look with out fav brand for fab hats (which a topper is always apart of Mr.P’s look), and our new fav kicks from Go Plae

Until next time friends,









The Prince wears:

Nununu Hoodie, joggers via,

The Prince visits the Animal Sanctuary



The Prince and I say happy fall to all of my northern hemisphere friends. Its been a really fun past couple of weeks enjoying all the beauty that Upstate NY has to offer. Sometimes the most beautiful things are not fancy at all. My sweet boy can find something interesting under a rock or a pile of leaves. We spent this particular fall day pretty much doing just that. Climbing, jumping, leaving no stone unturned. Not really concerned about time, holding space with nature and creating memories with my Prince. Our time together has been really special as I have decided to home -school. It gives us time to grow as mother and son, as well as strengthen our bond.

The Animal Sanctuary  was the perfect place to try out some new pieces from a few of our fav brands. Plae shoes is a brand that really makes some of the best kicks for kiddos. They are super durable and completely breathable which is so important during play. They are machine washable also! Total win! Love love!

He loves his oh so stylish baggy trousers from Kid+Kind and I love the mama who creates these wonderful pieces that allows your babes to have comfort and freedom of movement. I always say that fashion is not just about looking good. Function is just as important as form. I swear on my momma,  if its not comfy, not matter how dope it looks, the Prince is not having it!

We love the kids fashion world so much and want to showcase the best in kids fashion brands. The focus is that these brands allow kids to be who they are :Expressive, Creative, Curious, Fun and LOUD.

Hope everyone is well, and hope you enjoy our sweet forest adventure at the animal Sanctuary.

Much love x







2016-11-06-13-50-01-1  2016-11-06-13-56-00-1


Shoes for an Active Prince


Clothing Credits::